100 years old

How long do I want to live?

100 years old, with my wife.  


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Bikes and trailer sold

Sold my wife's bike, and trailer in LA, 100 dollars.

Sold my bike in San Diego, 50 dollars.


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LA- a big city

Our west coast cycling and tour came to a big city.....Los Angeles. It is the biggest city on west coast. We took buses and metro rails. A lot of traffic, took bus 40 from union station to our hotel, 2 hours, and a lot of people on bus, overcrowded. My goodness. Bus driver was very nice.

Today I visited UCLA and USC. Both are impressive. UCLA is better than I expected. In my mind, a school like UCLA in big city could be overcrowded, but it is not that much. USC has a much smaller campus, with a lot of nice cruisers....


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shank and thigh

Yesterday and today when I look at the mirror, I noticed my shank and thigh got some impressive change. I am encouraged by the body change.

My shank looks like it has lost some useless fat, so the muscle looks much better than before.


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Outdoor clothes I bought by now

1, Two Marmot softshells, same. Bought one in Portland at 70 dollars, and bought another one of same color and size in somewhere at 50 dollars of clearance, maybe Salem.

2, One Columbia blue-yellow jacket at 100 dollars at Corvallis. Have to mention I bought a pair of Columbia basic version shoes for my wife at 35 dollars. And she said it is very good.


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see you on the road

We are in Coos Bay, oregon yesterday night and today. This morning it was drizzling continuously. After eating breakfast at Super 8, we went back to our room and looked at the rain outside.

Then one scene surprised me. One big buy with beard standing in the parking lot right out of our window, was holding a football and threw it out to somebody else. He saw me and waved to me. Who is he?


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Covered bridges in Cottage Grove

Yesterday we went to Cottage Grove to have a look at the covered bridges. Because of weekend, there are only two shifts of bus going there, one is in the morning, and another one is in the afternoon. During weekdays, there are 8 or 9 buses going there.

The new bus has new bike rack, hard to identity the release handle and do not know how to operate the tightening system. I took some time to figure it out, and the bus driver helped me to understand the system and load the bikes.


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love affair of me and my bike

I am in Eugene now, just saw an interesting post on craigslist



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Monmouth, a real small town

Tuesday afternoon, October 30th, 2012.

Compare with Corvallis, Monmouth is a really small town, a half hour bus ride from Salem, the capital of oregon. After experiencing Monmouth, I called Corvallis big city. In my mind, Monmouth only has two streets, one is the road connecting highway No. 99, which we are riding on these few days. Another street is main street. Some shops and restaurants scattered along this super small town style street.


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The more......the more

The reason I write English blog is my laptop down...The ipad we bought recently for makeshift of my laptop did not recognize the login antivirus number trick on desktop or laptop. So I came to the business center of Best Western. The computer did not work at first and I called front desk to have a look. Fortunately it started to work after restart and reconnect to the wireless internet. Both of my laptop and ipad suck, Apple and Gateway, I hate both of you. Apple, you are making a lot lot of money and sucking blood from a lot of people, sooner or later, you monster will die, and people will forget you just like Kodak. This is the curse I give to Apple. Apple is a good example about how capitalist cares only about money, not your convenience. Although it looks like convenience.

Today I visited oregon State University in Corvallis, oregon. It is a decent public university, which has about 26,000 students totally. I attended the campus tour with a father and his son from Denver, Colorado. Plus, the tour guide girl.


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Marmot softshell test

Bought a red Marmot softshell M2 a few days ago in Marshalls (Portland area) without any hesitation. Yesterday road tested. Works good, just the right softshell for me. Breathable, waterproof, and windproof.  $69.99. Medium size.


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