Seminar-University of Cxxxxxxx Dxxxxx

In September, I also attended a seminar held by a bilingual admission counselor from University of Cxxxxxxx Dxxxxx.

It has been a trend that more and more international admission counselors are bilingual, hopefully, trilingul or multi-lingual in the future. Well, in my point of view, trilingual or multi-lingual talent could do anything in this world of international trade and communication. I have seen quite some American admission people speaking Mandarin, although the real language skill varies on different individuals.

I think more and more Amerian colleges are increasing their personnel for overseas market. Such as this admission counselor from Denver. He speaks Mandarin. Is he fluent? It depends on your definition on "fluent".  His Mandarin speaking is apprently much better than my Spanish speaking, however, no better than my English speaking, I think.

Does Mandarin fluency work for marketing in China? It is just one of many factors working in international recruitment strategy and marketing.

Does a college really have something different to sell to foreign students?
Can an admission counselor really understand his audience and convey something interesting to the audience?
Can an admission counselor reach as much audience as possible?

More and more American colleges are competing in China, so any college making a difference will win some students here. or else, admission touring trip, would be just some busy presentations like sightseeing with not much harvest.

Anyway, language skill is always very important for any people.

There is a proverb in China saying. Don't worry about not knowing much about the goods, Just compare them and you will see which is better.

During the screening and interview of international admission counselor, let them make presentation and ask some foreign students to attend the presentation. Let them comment.  

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