Impressive admission seminar by Ruby from Medaille

I have two chioces this afternoon. Which one did I go?

One is a speech in Capital Library talking about the distribution of different languages in the world. Starts at 3 PM. I am very interested in this topic because my life goal of learning world languages is FIVE languages. After Spanish, most likely I will learn French. Who knows by then.

Another one is an admission seminar by Medaille College. Starts at 2 PM. It is relevant to my work. It happens I visited this Medaille College years ago. That was in 2007. I attended a Western New York College Counselor Tour, visited ten colleges, Medaille was one of them. Memory faded naturally.

One Chinese proverb is YOU CANNOT GET FISH AND BEAR FOOT AT THE SAME TIME. BEAR FOOT is a kind of delicious food in Chinese cuisine culture.

I chose the admission seminar.

I did not regret for this choice.

Ruby, a yound energetic lady, originated from China, educated in both China and United States, gave the audience a very impressive presentation.

I attended various college admission seminars by four-year public university, liberal arts college, community college...

There is big difference between Ruby and other American admission counselors. The seminars by most Non-Chinese-origin Americans are pretty good. Ruby outstands herself by her own study experience, and she knows the Chinese audience much better. Even for me, as an experienced educational consultant, I also learned something such as Culture Shock Curve.

The presentation was very successful, from my point of view. The response of audience was also better than other admission seminars. And more people came.

During the Q & A, I asked a question about the strength of Medaille majors. It is Education and a few more.

Ruby, you did very good. It is real good because you are so real. Congratulations.

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