We have arrived in Seattle

Yesterday's flight was very impressive. We took ANA, which is our first time with this Japanese airline. Although I have known this airline over twenty years ago, I only got to really feel it by experiencing it.

It is so clean. How can I say it? Look at their restroom, spacious and superclean. I used to take American flights, Delta, United, Continental, American Airline, of course economy class. All these American airlines are fine, but the rest rooms are all small, hardly to move freely, have to be very careful.

Not only spacious, it is superclean. It surprised me when I opened the rest room door. I did not expect ANA has such good rest room. I could not find any dirty area.

The food on the flight is also delicious and healthy. I ate two meals of Japanese style food, and the food just triggered more and more of my interest to visit Japan and eat better food there.

Service is the best I have ever met. Smile is commerical and professional, but just make you feel comfortable. Much better than American airlines and Chinese airlines.

We stayed in Hilton, took a little snap and then visited one REI and had a look at touring road bike. Tomorrow will go to the flagship store and one or two used bike shops.

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