robber's service

This year my wife and I switched our internet cable service provider from Gehua to China Unicom. Both of them are bad. Why? Here is what we experienced.

When we were using Gehua, the internet connection was often off. When we called them, they always told us they would report problem and let technician contact us and fix problem. They did not refund at all, or prolong the service for free. No way to get that. One thing happened last year, or the year before last year, the whole community here could not connect to the internet, for several days. I believe a lot of people in our community called them again and again, and finally, they reluctantly gave us one month for free.

This year, I noticed the Gehua internet connection had problem again. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not. What the hell was going on? The technician came to our home, and changed a modem, and he told us the old modem was broke. However, the new modem seemed not working very well. The problem was still there.

The technician came again. One more new modem. Then the problem was fixed. Two poor-quality modems. Even the second one is a brand new, it is still a broke one.

Exhausted by Gehua. We want to find another ISP. There is little option for us. In our community, only Gehua and China Unicom is available. What a nice monoply situation.

Well, just try China Unicom. What else can we do?

We bought the annual service. It is only 2M connection in our place available. 168 RMB per month.

Same problem happened.

Internet connection sometimes on, sometimes off. Like ghost, whenever it came or left, I had no idea.

Called China Unicom service line 10060 again, and again, and again. The phone service in Chinese is not good, sometimes have to wait for long time. Wait, I can speak English, why not try their English language service?

English customer service is always quickly connected, and good attitude, I have to say that, even when I was blaming them hard. In China, foreign people often can get better service.

After a week calling and arguing with China Unicom, they sent two technicians.

They changed part of phone line, some tiny connection parts, still, it did not work.

Two guys were sweating, in this muggy days of Beijing.

Miracle happened when I called angel come in my mind. One technician changed the new modem with his old test-use rough looking modem. The signal light is on.

He could not believe it. "This is a new modem.  What happened to it?"

Yes, it is new modem, but don't forget, it is a broke modem made in China, brand new junk crap.

This is it.

Three junk modems, two of them are brand new.

Worse than the modem is the service. They do not refund, do not compensate at all. This is robber's logic.

In China, what do I expect?

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