昨晚,在北京家里,接到美国Priceline客服打来的电话,口音不是美国人,也不是印度人,不知道是哪路欧洲口音。打电话给我,是要给我退钱,因为我网上投诉了芝加哥的君悦酒店Hyatt Regency Ohare。Priceline主动给我打电话,肯定是君悦和他们联系了,因为君悦没有我的联系方式,但Priceline有。





My name is Xiaodong Zhang. I reserved a room in Hyatt Regency OHare on 2/28/2012 through priceline. Check-in date is Mar 7, 2012. My international flight arrived Ohare airport around 5:30 AM on March 7. I picked up my luggage and waited outside of Terminal 5 of Ohare Airport around 6 AM.

After I waited about 40 minutes, I still did not see the Hyatt Shuttle, which I thought weird. So I got in the terminal and made a phone call to Hyatt Regency. The front desk told me the hotel shuttle pick up guests at another Terminal (I forgot which one, maybe Terminal 3). I asked the front desk if she could tell the shuttle bus driver pick up us at Terminal 5. She said she would.

However, my wife and I still did not find the shuttle after one more 30 minutes waiting. So we went into the Terminal 5 and took airport train to Terminal 3. It took us about another 30 minutes to take the train and walked to the shuttle location and waiting for next shuttle.

Finally we checked in around 8:30 AM at Hyatt. Since we got out the terminal 5, it took us almost two and half hours to wait and find the shuttle. The only reason is Hyatt Regency Ohare shuttle only pick up guests at only one designated location. We stayed three hotels in Ohare area in March 2012, Hyatt Regency Ohare, Holiday Inn Ohare, and Four Points Sheraton. Holiday Inn and Four Points Sheraton shuttles all go to Terminal 5, while Hyatt Regency does not. I even saw a sign in Four Points Sheraton shuttle, which is "Four Points Sheraton requires the hotel shuttle goes to Terminal 5" (cannot remember every word exactly, sorry)

I should get what I paid for, for the hotel room quality, and should include airport shuttle pickup service. Hyatt Regency Ohare is a four-star hotel, not a shabby cheap roadside motel. I believe every guest landing in Terminal 5 will suppose they can find the shuttle outside of the terminal, unfortunately, I did not. Even for common sense, hotel shuttle should go around every terminal to pick up guest, not only at a designated location. I file this complaint because I don't like to argue with hotel management. I ask refund for my total $65.30 dollars I paid. I stayed another two nights at Hyatt Regency Ohare, not using shuttle, I took the blue line train. It is much easier to use the blue line than the hotel shuttle.

Your Desired Resolution:
Refund my money. I am very disappointed about your shuttle service. Hope the hotel management improve the shuttle service, do not let other guests just wait desperately at Terminal 5, after their long time flight.

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