Jonathan, the missionary we met today in Antigua

The missionary Jonathan we met today in Antigua

Today, when we were strolling around the central park in Antigua, we met an Asian couple, Korean, and a man wearing a t-shirt with "Brooklyn" on the front, with his vehicle.

After knowing what we needed, the man said he would like to drive us to the place,  not far from the big market.

His name is Jonathan, a Christian missionary, not from Brooklyn, New York City, but from orlando, Florida. He did translation for us, from English to Spanish, then from Spanish to English.

After then, coincidently, we met him again in market. He was taking a big bag on his shoulder.  I firstly wanted to pay him some money for his driving and help. But Jonathan said, NO money.

I invited him to eat or drink something, to appreciate his help for us, and have a little chat. It is always good to know people.  He hesitated a little bit, then we went to McDonalds, not far from the market.

Jonathan's parents were American missionary in Guatemala, so he grew up in Guatemala. His wife is a nurse. He has lived here for eight years, with three kids, 5 years old, 3, and 1, respectively.  And he told me, he may possibly have a new baby next year.  I told him in Chinese culture, more kids mean more happiness.

Where does he live? He told me he just finished building his house in suburb of Antigua, which took him three years to do, with two helpers. It is a 320 square meters house. Wow! That must be a great work, because there are so many good architecture work in Antigua.  I took many good pictures here, amazed by the architecture beauty here.

How many missionary in Guatemala? Jonathan said, there are a lot, about 3000, 4000, or 5000. A big number for a country with a population of 12 millions.

What does Jonathan know about China? Mao Zedong is one. He asked me if Mao is a bare-foot doctor in 1960s. Mao is not Gandhi, he wears hand-made shoes with cloth-soles.  Mao is known by many people,  when my wife gave a one-yuan Chinese bill as a gift to a Guatemala woman, her family member knows the man on the bill is Mao Zedong.

Jonathan works with the local school schedule, low on October and November, and the other school break during Spring.

Jonathan, a good man we met in Antigua.

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