my response to a student with low toefl score

From the student:

well, i do not know if you receive the email that i respond to you to your yahoo's address, and i also do not know if you will receive this letter that i am now writing.
can you respond to me some info if i send this letter successfully?
well, lets go into the main topic of today's email.
i hope it would not let you completely disappointed to me.

well, here is the scores......

Reading  25
Listening  8
Speaking 15
Writing 18
Total  66

ok, you can give me your opinion.....

well, by the way, en...can you spare me a few times, well ,help me to choose the four free schools that to sent the scores....

ok, it is the end. have a nice day.

My reply:

Hi, good to hear from you.

I got your last email to my yahoo email address, I am waiting for your final result coming out, and let you think what you should do next, and because I am a little bit lazy. Don't be disappointed, 66 is not a very bad score, it is ok.

However, I think you have to work very very hard on listening and speaking, hard hard hard.....!!!!!!!

I suggest you to prepare more time on your next test, in Febuary will be good. So you will have more time to prepare for a better result.

Let the toefl data talking about your weakness. Of course listening and speaking are your weakness, so don't spend any more time on reading and writing, just read aloud, watch more English TV or movies (no subtitle, no caption), speak with somebody everyday!!!!!!! or speak with yourself by reading aloud...

OK, let me know what you think


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