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Metro Cards (used) and Sleeping Bag

Date: 2009-09-20, 3:00PM EDT
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I'm homeless.. and getting around is very important, by bus and or rail.. it makes homelessness a little better.
Anything will help, fare cards with any amounts help and "add" up. I have a "Smartrip" card which I can add metro fare to.

ALSO, any sleeping bag would be great.

I sleep out year round, have one sleeping bag now (Coleman) and it's been super! Just got me thru another year..
I can "pick-up", metro stops are great. I know my way around.
Thanks. Anything can help.

Larry (

Also, I am a client of Georgetown Ministry Center if you need to know I am for real.. please contact them.
(I take a shower there and wash my clothes once a week.. they have been great, a life-saver for me the past 10 years!)

Georegtown Ministry Center
202-338-8301 Gunther Stern, Director

1041 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Wash., DC 20007-3635

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