dump on & cut corners


1, Dump on: vb  to abuse or criticize

......"College learning is a two-way street," says Indiana University associate professor Alexander McCormick, director of the National Survey of Student Engagement, which conducted the study. "The purpose here is not to dump on faculty, but when a substantial chunk of students come to class unprepared, it suggests that they can get away with it."......

2, Cut corners: Verb 1. do something the cheapest or easiest way; "Cut corners to make a cheaper product"

......Many students cut corners as a way of managing the demands of student life, when "there were no consequences and no rewards for doing or not doing" homework, she says.......

3, ......Those findings echo observations of Northern Arizona University anthropology professor Cathy Small, who spent a year living in a dorm and attending classes alongside freshmen as part of research for a 2005 book. ......
......那些发现,和北亚利桑那大学人类学教授Cathy Small的观察结果一致。这位教授,于2005年出版了一本书,她花了一年时间,和大学一年级学生一起住宿舍,和学生一起上课,把对学生的观察作为她研究一部分。......


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